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So it has been a while since I last posted, because I now have a new job as of January! My new role is IT Infrastructure Engineer, although software development is still something I pursue when I can.

In my new job, I am now responsible for a college’s IT infrastructure, including backups, deployment and network management. Its a big move from ESX to Hyper-V for virtualised systems, Cisco to HP for switch kit, Linux to Windows Server 2012 for server OS of choice and from.. well.. not very much at all to Arcserve UDP for backups. And iPads.  With around 1500 PCs to look after, however, it is a step up from a single department in my old role – with a wider range of kit and services to look after from many different providers.

Having now done the Advanced Server 2012 and Configuring SCCM 2012 Microsoft courses, I am fairly confident with both systems. SCCM presents a new and interesting way to deploy tasks and applications to computers, but OS deployment feels a lot “heavier” than good old FOG did. I miss FOG. I hope I have cause to use it again.

Today marks a milestone for me in my success with the backup systems. I finally have some tapes working – Arcserve has been a pain to get to grips with but support is very good, to be fair.

This year is going to be a lot about training for me. With Arcserve training coming up, as well as Powershell and Hyper-V courses, I just need to throw in a Unity Certified Developer stint to make this year a good all-rounder for personal development. And, hopefully, more application development. I’ll also endeavour to start posting more about various woes again, but there haven’t been many instances where a good, elegant solution has presented itself; it has been mostly support calls and following set procedures.

Watch this space!

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