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Welcome to my blog about me and computing. I actually don’t really like computers that much, but I am quite alright at using them. I realised that I kept forgetting the things I did and how I fixed them, so a blog just made sense as somewhere to record everything I do.

So what do I actually do? I currently work at the University of Bedfordshire as a “Technician/Demonstrator” for computer games, graphics and animation – meaning that I provide support to students during practical lessons – but my background and experience in computer networking means that I support the bulk of the technical infrastructure for our department too. In practice, during a typical term-time week, I probably spend half of my time in classes helping students with their coding and programming issues and the other half fixing PC-related issues. Outside of term-time, it can be a mixed period of real downtime and then with last-minute organisation of visits and external events whilst preparing our ~500 PCs over 17 labs for the start of a new term.

I now work at Luton Sixth Form College as an “Infrastructure Engineer” in the IT Services department, managing and maintaining their server and network infrastructure and supporting the deployment of operating system images to ~1500 computers over tons of rooms.

I hope some of this ends up being useful to someone, as numerous other blogs have been useful to me in the past!

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  • mohammed says:


    I am trying to run FOG 1.2.0 on the ubuntu 16.04.1. After a HUGE HUGE learning curve i have managed to get it installed. However!! the management web console is all rubbish. It looks like its taking code and displying it on the screen. I have no idea what to do. Help please.

    • Troliver says:

      Hmm, I should perhaps update this for Ubuntu 16.04 actually. I’ve not used it since starting my new job, to be honest, but it could be that php isn’t running on the server.

      Try a sudo service apache2 restart – or check that the php5_module is enabled. Does *any* page work for you?

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