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FOG Update – Part 3

Recovering a deleted fog user – or – resetting a user’s password

Today is off to a frustrating start. I couldn’t log into the web UI anymore – it kept telling me I had an invalid password. I rembered a while ago that I had a problem with my username – it turns out that this was because I had deleted it when trying to rename it; however, here I had simply changed the password from the default (which is ‘password’!).

I logged into the database and decided to check it out for myself to see what was going on. To do this, I just typed:

sudo mysql -u root -p fog

That prompts me for my password and opens up the “fog” database. You can then see all the tables using just SQL statements like SHOW tables; but make sure you add a semi colon afterwards (and not just because, here, it makes grammatical sense to).

Anyhow, if I do a SELECT * from users; statement, it should show up all my users – and there should be two; one for quick imaging and one for my fog user.


…and there isn’t. WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU, FOG? I think I said that out loud, too. Ok, no big deal – we can just add another one. Because I can’t be bothered to type out too much, and beause the uId gets added automatically, I just want to insert a new user with the name “fog” and, to make sure it is a proper user that can do everything, I set the type to 0 (1 = the inability to do anything except for performing quick image tasks).


Ok, so the user is back now – all I have to then do is update that user by setting the password to whatever I want (in single ‘quotes’) and encrypt it with MD5.


And it works! I can log in again finally. Hopefully it won’t keep doing this – if so, I’ll write and rant more about it and see if I can figure out why!

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