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Running MSIs with FOG

I was trying to work out today why some of my snapins weren’t working for FOG. One issue I came across was to do with an MSI file. Although it deploys, the following text from fog.log seems to indicate that the MSI isn’t a valid application.  04/11/2014 14:00 FOG::SnapinClient Snapin Found: 04/11/2014 14:00 FOG::SnapinClient     ID: 2458 […]

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FOG Update – Part 7

Further to the previous post, everything seems to have been a success. I wiped out list of hosts from the FOG database when I installed the server from scratch and so have been going around all of our PCs re-registering them all from the FOG host registration menu, using some sort of naming convention (<department><room>-<assettag>). […]


FOG Update – Part 6

Active Directory settings in FOG 1.0+ Back in FOG Update – Part 2, I said that you could just copy and paste settings from the old FOG to the new one. Except that, as of version 1.0, the username for the account that can add machines to Active Directory should NOT contain the domain. In […]


FOG Update – Part 5

With FOG registration tested and verified to be working, its time to move onto actually testing image uploading and downloading. If that doesn’t work, its game over. For Part 5, I will deal with how to upload an image to FOG and the process that I take to do this from scratch. Creating and uploading […]

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FOG Update – Part 4

Last week was spent trying to get our ESX cluster back up and working, so now its back onto FOG. Towards the end of the week, I did manage to spend some time on this again. I changed our switch configurations for the three rooms we manage the network of ourselves to point from pxelinux.0 […]

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FOG Update – Part 3

Recovering a deleted fog user – or – resetting a user’s password Today is off to a frustrating start. I couldn’t log into the web UI anymore – it kept telling me I had an invalid password. I rembered a while ago that I had a problem with my username – it turns out that […]

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FOG Update – Part 2

Looking to install FOG 1.2.0 from scratch? Check out my more updated post. Yesterday was mostly spent backing up the original FOG installation just in case this all goes horribly wrong (we do actually need to use this server, after all). This was taking absolutely forever, so I gave up and only backed up the […]


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