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Trouble in Sambadise; Issues with PBIS Active Directory and Samba

Continuing from the last post, with the original default configuration you could browse shares on the server, but with the updated configuration you can’t. We have joined the server to Active Directory and there are likely no issues reported with running pbis status, so what could be wrong? I had a look through some logs in /var/log/samba/, where there are […]

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A summary of Unix permissions

Here’s a quick overview of Unix permissions: A file, or directory, has associated permissions for an owner, a group and for all other users. Each of those three categories, owner, group or world, can have permissions for being able to read, write, and execute a file or directory on the system. Each is set to either 1 (true, able […]

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Multiple-user student webserver – Part 2

Further to the previous post on this, we have had a second catastrophic outage of our storage array which, once again, has taken Studentnet with it. However, going from my previous blog post has allowed me to get this up and running fairly quickly. In the process, I found some addendums that I would make to […]

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Reading a configuration file into a C++ application

Carrying on with my network-switchport-mapping-program, here’s the latest thing I was working on; making a configuration file. Because I keep changing where I am, so also does my active network connection (in other words, at work the IP address is something like 10.x.x.x and at home its 192.x.x.x). The thing is, it isn’t going to […]

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